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Concepts du Sablier is now CDS Boutique. New Image, Same Mission.

    Meaningful Activities for people living with Alzheimer's disease

    We offer our own line of exclusive CDS Boutique Creation products. In fact, we have been creating our own handmade adapted signage and reality orientation products for over twenty years. We are also active in professional training, giving regular workshops for activity professionals wishing to organize reminiscence activities for seniors with dementia. Reminiscence therapy is a long-time passion of our founder, Marie-France Dozois. She has also published a training guide on the subject. Feel free to contact us for more information on training sessions. 

    Therapeutic Products of Proven Quality

    Providing quality activities for seniors and people living with Alzheimer's does not have to be complicated. Knowing something about the lost interest and abilities of the individuals within your group will give you cues as to where to begin. Many leisure activities, exercises and games for seniors as well as household activities you will find here can be adapted to stimulate cognitive and emotional well-being. Our products tested and approved by activity directors, occupational therapists and directors of care promote wellness through therapeutic activities while respecting residual capacities of people in loss of independence and offer solutions to improve the quality of life within the establishments.