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Enabling EDIE Interactive trainings

Develop a greater understanding of dementia from the perspective of a person with dementia and their carer through the new Educational Dementia Immersive Experience, EDIE.

This serious game technology uses VR Gear (Virtual Reality goggles) to allow users to explore a moment in time as Edie, who has a diagnosis of dementia. You will face the difficulties experienced by Edie as he undertakes simple activities of daily living. This immersive experience is the result of a 3-year development process from Dementia Australia and the Deakin University Software and Technology Innovation Laboratory. EDIE is the next generation in the use of serious games technology developed by Dementia Australia Vic that started with the launch of the world-first, Virtual Dementia Experience™ training in 2013.

The program will explore what it may feel like to experience dementia, care for someone living with dementia and to work in partnership with the person living with dementia and their carer in identifying support needs and developing a support plan that enables Edie and his wife to live more confidently with dementia.

In this 3-hour training you will develop a greater understanding of:

  • a consumer perspective of dementia
  • dementia support considerations including individual and diverse needs
  • how changes in communication, behaviour and environment can benefit the person living with dementia
  • how to identify support needs in partnership with the client and their carer
  • how to develop a dementia support plan that focuses on enabling a person to live more confidently with dementia

Duration: 3 hours
Suitable for: Staff working with people living with dementia and their carers

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