Christmas decorWith the holidays approaching, every family is making plans, shopping for gifts and it’s thrilling!  Unfortunately, for many people such as seniors and residents, the holidays come with loneliness and isolation. Some might even feel disconnected. Festivities and camaraderie within the facility may soften everyone’s heart. Every year, dedicated staff members do their best to make of December month a special time for everyone.

Ways to Keep Loneliness at Bay

Involving every senior in the institution’s daily life helps in keeping isolation and sadness away. There are many ways to achieve such goals. Seniors and staff members may decorate the facility. Beautiful and joyful colours are always good to lift everyone’s spirit. We have prepared a few activity suggestions you might like. Christmas Bingo, Christmas birdseed ornament crafting and Christmas card exchange are all part of this month’s CDS Boutique free activities guide. Here’s the link to it. This time of the year is full of memories, traditions and anecdotes. It is the perfect occasion to do some reminiscing activities:

  • Make festive family photo albums;
  • Dance on some classic Christmas themed music;
  • Show some classic holiday movies;
  • Arrange flowers;
  • Make cinnamon and clove potpourri;
  • Talk about everyone’s Christmas traditions.

Christmas CardsRegrouping residents with the arrangement of a Christmas carol is a wonderful idea that many care homes have embraced. For the lonely tenants on Christmas Eve, an exchange of gifts may help. Seniors also tend to love seeing other people. It’s been done in the past and it always turns out successful, we recommend the invitation to a nearby school and the planning of games or concerts for both generations to enjoy.

Care homes can also implement special rules for the holidays. Some will make the visiting hours more flexible, others will allow the residents to cook special meals.

However, some seniors might also have a need for an implanted routine. Even though it is a special time of the year where we tend to break from it, it is suggested to keep some steadiness around the daily routine. For example, try to plan the meal time for the usual hours, but propose something Christmassy on your menu.

And remember, even the small touches can make all the difference.