We all have a grandmother, father, friend, or neighbour in either a residence or a Long-Term care facility.

In my case, it’s my grandmother, and sometimes, I worry about whether or not she’s in good hands. But it only takes a single visit to meet the wonderful team that helps her every day to be instantly reassured.

I’m talking about the recreational therapists who call my grandma by her name and do the same for every single one of their other residents. Those whose smiles are oh so contagious.

I’m talking about the people who build trust with our relatives by being tender with them. The therapists who see their residents as human beings above all. Yes, those very people who make miracles on an always too small budget.

I’m talking about those who wrack their brains to find stimulating activities for our loved ones, even though they all have different autonomy levels. The very therapists who recruit volunteers, who add a special touch to festive seasons and who plan trips and outings.

You see, I’m talking about you. I really want to thank you. At CDS Boutique, our mission is helping you help our loved ones. We know you put everything into making their everyday life better. This is just to remind you that we notice you and we appreciate the work you do so much. Because, after all, you are pillars to the most important people in our lives. 

Thank you for helping our loved ones lead more colourful lives.  

Communications Manager at CDS Boutique.