Memories of Digby

Memories of Digby



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The author reflects on her friend's dog named Digby, and the relationships he has with the people and animals around him.

The Carry On Reading Series

The focus of these books is on stories that are interesting, enjoyable and accessible for individuals with memory deficits. An important feature of the books is the size and type of font, and the layout of the material, which is developed and tested in individual or group settings. The end result is an activity where participants enjoy the experience of reading interesting books and sharing memories related to the content. You will be amazed at the discussion and the reminiscing that is generated.

Hand out one booklet to each participant, then each participant takes a turn reading a page of the story out loud while others follow along. Each booklet has 19 to 22 pages, which offers a 45 to 60 minute activity. Find more information on how to proceed on our website.


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