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Active Minds, a brand to discover!

Ben Atkinson-Willes was only 23 when he founded Active Minds, a British company specializing in the creation of activities for the elderly living with dementia and Alzheimer's. The project was inspired by his grandfather. As his disease progressed, this puzzles’ aficionado was no longer able to indulge in his favorite activity, forced to make little children’s puzzles that had nothing to do with what he used to love. Determined to make a change, Atkinson-Willes began his project in an academic context, eventually receiving funding from his university to transform it into a real company. Active Minds offers high quality products, with an absolutely unique design. Here are some examples.

New day centre for Montreal seniors aims to help fight social isolation

A day centre in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce wants to break social isolation by offering the area's seniors a place to mingle and access services. Read more...

Moncton YMCA revitalizing adult day program for people with special needs

Three Moncton brothers with special needs may not be cheering for the same hockey teams during Thursday night’s playoff game, but they have found common ground at the YMCA’s adult day program for people with different abilities. Read more...

CDS Boutique Grand Opening

On May 31st, we celebrated the official opening of our new boutique! A hundred professionals and partners joined us and discovered what we had to offer. Read more...

Census 2016: For the 1st time, more seniors than children living in Canada

According to results from the 2016 census released lately, there were 5.9 million people aged 65 and older in Canada—just slightly more than the country’s 5.8 million children under 14. Read more... 

Dementia numbers in Canada

Discover Alzheimer’s and Dementia overview in Canada, thanks to impressive numbers from the Alzheimer Society of Canada. Read more...

The Walk for Alzheimer’s: Make Memories Matter

As Spring shows up, so do the Walks for Alzheimer’s, all across Canada, to stimulate the population’s awareness of cognitive loss. Read more...

Sewing group breathes life into small-town Sask. seniors home

'It's a time to catch up with the girls. I've known most of these ladies most of my life'. A sewing group in Craik, Sask., is churning out quilts and scarves for people in need while bettering the lives of the community's seniors in the process. Read more...

New website aims to educate seniors on avoiding online fraud

Protect Seniors Online quiz created in response to high rates of seniors falling victim to online scams. Read more...

Letter of Recommendation: Hasbro Joy for All

 MARCH 24, 2016

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