Alzheimer & Reminiscence

Reminiscing is natural for most of us. People with Alzheimer may not have a good memory of recent events but their long term memory is often almost intact. Your residents can benefit from these fun, entertaining and therapeutic activities. Appropriate recollection of past events, former accomplishments, and significant relationships can be very comforting to a client who is insecure in her present environment. They provide pleasure, help reaffirm self-esteem, and provide a link with more stable times.

As creator, manufacturer and distributor of recreational products for seniors, the reminiscence activities and programs we offer can be used to help your residents recall important events and interests that were significant to them in the past. Our products are basic tools enabling you to organize both individual and group reminiscence activities. Before you begin these activities, it is important to explore the memories of the participants and identify those that are happy and those that are not. This will prevent the resurgence of negative emotions that could lead to disturbing behaviors.