Cognitive Stimulation/Alzheimer's

Fine motor skills may represent an interesting challenge for people with special needs. It is important to offer diverse activities to enable users to maintain or even improve daily life autonomy. This category contains a wide variety of high quality products from around the world. All products may be adapted for use by people experiencing decreased or increased autonomy.

We all know about the five main senses: Touch, Sound, Sight, Taste, & Smell. There are also two other powerful senses: Vestibular – the movement and balance sense, and the Proprioception – the joint and muscle sense, which provides feedback of where and what the body parts are doing.

You will find in this category, activities that will provide your users with visual, auditory and tactile experiences. These are to be done step-by-step and in a non-competitive way. All these exercises can help maintain some cognitive functions but can also help improve daily living skills such as eating, buttoning, picking up objects, etc. You will also find different products that can reduce and sometimes eliminate disturbing behaviors like anxiety and wandering, both symptoms of dementia that can occur every day with some of your users.

Every person is unique and what triggers disturbing behaviours differs from one user to the next. There are no miracle recipes. These have to be dealt with on a case by case basis. Disturbing behaviors can occur daily at a precise time or following an external trigger. We have gathered together different tools that are successfully used by recreationists and caregivers in nursing homes as well as at home. You have to be patient and try to discover through each person's life story what tool will work best to decrease and even eliminate one or more disturbing behaviors.