A Word from the President

Marie-France Dozois

It has been 26 years now that the well-being of seniors is at the heart of CDS Boutique's mission. In order to improve our offer, two years ago we opened our first shop in Sherbrooke and added a branch dedicated to childhood to the company. These new elements were wonderfully welcomed and we can witness daily the professional and human flourishing that emerges from them. We are extremely fortunate to offer tools for all people with special needs, whether they are children, adults or seniors.

More than ever, CDS Boutique focuses on innovation and variety in order to evolve and respond to a diverse clientele. We offer a wide selection of proprioception products, time management and sensory stimulation products and motor skills products. We are constantly on the lookout for new features to provide the best services and commodities for child development and seniors' independence. We work in partnership with hundreds of famous Canadian, American and European businesses. I personally make sure to share their best creations. I undertake several international trips each year to discover the best practices and new products in order to contribute to the well-being of our customers.

For example, it was in Australia, with the Alzheimer Society, that we made the successful discovery of the EDIE training, a unique, state-of-the-art immersive experience in virtual reality. The content of this conference allows participants to put themselves in the shoes of someone with Alzheimer's disease in order to develop their empathy towards specific situations that are experienced every day. EDIE offers solutions to improve these daily situations that affect those afflicted by neurocognitive disorders. Our goal is to educate caregivers about this neurodegenerative disease. In just one year, more than 800 people from Quebec, Ontario and Alberta took part in the training. Participants underlined the relevance of this conference and emphasized their desire to perfect their working methods following the workshop.

2019 begins under the sign of novelty. Now official distributor of the Java Music Club, CDS Boutique wants to promote this new program which aims to reduce the isolation and psychological distress of the elderly. This peer support activity has already been implemented in more than 600 organizations in English Canada and the United States, including several long-term care facilities, adult day centers, hospitals, and services for the elderly. This program is intuitive and easy to facilitate by recreation staff, residents, volunteers or family members. The focus is on peer support – residents helping residents – which adds purpose and meaning to their lives.

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Marie-France Dozois