What is Remin’Action?

It’s a program developped to help you organize and lead a senior’s reminiscence workshop. These sessions are very therapeutic for them as they encourage social interactions, enhance self-esteem, help preserve cultural heritage and enables them to make a positive life summary.


Marie-France Dozois, Trainer

Improve the quality of life of seniors, wether independant or in loss of autonomy, and from all walks of life. This has been Marie-France’s objective for the past 25 years. She creates, fabricates and distributes a wide variety of products that are specifically thought for and designed for this precious clientèle.

Marie-France developed the Remin’Action workshop after participating in various trainings in the US and in England with geriatric specialists. The Montessori method was amonst these trainings.

Marie-France Dozois - CDS Boutique Remin'action Trainer

For therapists and institutional personnel

  • Preferably in small groups of 12 to 16 participants, the workshop is given in your work environnement. Speak to your colleagues in order to obtain the minimum of 12 participants ;
  • $95 per participant with a minimum of 12 participants. The cost INCLUDES the Remin’Action Guide, a $39.95 value. Traveling fees are extra, depending on distance, in which case a quote will be given ;
  • The workshop lasts approximately 6 hours. A 4-hour workshop is also available. It is the responsibility of the group to provide a conference room ;
  • If you are alone, or if your group is less than the minimum requested, you can register to one of our predeterminded dates, in the region of your choice. Dates and times to be confirmed ;
  • Complete the attached form available here.

For educational institutions

  • We offer the Remin’Action workshop to your college and university students, who are studying in the fields of Social Work, Nursing, Leisure, Special Education, Occupational Therapy or any other field in connexion with elders ;
  • A group price will be set depending on the amount of students and the place the workshop is given (distance to travel) ;
  • The workshop lasts approximately 3 hours, as per a regular college or university course. It is the responsibility of the group to provide a conference room ;
  • The Remin’Action Guide is not included in the group price. However, for those who wish to acquire the guide, it will be available at a privileged cost ;
  • We are flexible and able to accomodate your schedule. Don’t hesitate to contact us for possible options. 1 888 907-6878 or email info@cdsboutique.com;
  • Complete the attached form available here.