Super Quiz Book # 3

Super Quiz Book # 3



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The last addition to the Super Quiz Family: The new Super Quiz Book #3!

These 500 questions and answers books are divided in 5 distinct categories. The text in the book is written in large print for maximum visibility. Each category includes twenty 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500 point questions. To make the game suitable for people of different capacity levels, there is always a choice of 2 answers for each question. If you think your participants do not need answer choices, simply skip this part to make the game more challenging.

These books can also be used to play without the Super Quiz mat. Questions can be asked in a relaxed way, on a bus, outside, or sitting around a table. We strongly suggest using "Post-it" stickers to keep track of where you are at in the question list so you do not ask the same questions the next time you play.

This book includes more than 600 questions and answers using the 26 letters of the alphabet. This game was created for participants who do not need a choice of answers to be able to play. When the leader asks a question, he or she also gives the number of letters in the word to be found so that everyone has a chance to get the right answer. 




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